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> By now my mental abilities have greatly decayed, so what I write and
> say must be carefully corrected. Sorry.
> I didn't remember CTRL+Z anymore; thanks for the correction.
> > It is in the "Cutting a Region" paragraph and reads "Note that we reason
> about the tracks and not the clips."  What does this mean?
> From what I understand, in CinGG they count the tracks; the clips are
> simply "pasted" on top of the tracks. When you select or cut a region
> (or apply filters and keyframes), it is the active track that is
> affected. If there are also edits in that region they will also be
> affected, but only because they are on the track and not because the
> actions taken affect them exclusively (as is the case in PP).
> Another example: if you select a region the selection affects the
> whole timeline (the stack of tracks) while if you apply an effect it
> affects only one track and not the whole timeline.
> I appeal to everyone: is what I said correct? What are the actions
> that affect the entire timeline, those that affect individual tracks,
> and finally those that affect edits? It would be nice to get clarity
> on these points (at least for me, maybe for you there is no
> ambiguity).
> I have integrated your odt and script and made other corrections.

in pdf version I see

"There are ways provided in the manual for wayt to help for smaller/slower

what is wayt?

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