[Cin] Varied Standard Shortcuts AppImage version for testing

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 00:12:53 CEST 2023

There is a modified Shortcuts AppImage version for testing on 64-bit O/S
which is set up to be more in sync with what is considered to be "Standard"
shortcuts for NLEs..  IgorB uses these and prepared a listing of the
alternatives as shown below.  If there are users who test these and prefer
the more Standard ones, I can create an AppImage at the same time as what
is released.  It is currently at:


Changed shortcuts to Standard Shortcuts -  only English version for the
caption/hints.  The texts in the menu and the captions of the icons,
written with the '-' character between the Special key and the key, for
example "Shift-s", have been replaced by the '+' character.  And the
letters are always in capital letters although Shift is not pressed. Many,
if not all the other NLE programs use this notation.   Some shortcuts like
"BD Render... (Ctrl+Shift+d)" and "DVD Render... (Alt+d) have been deleted
because they are not used  frequently.

These shortcuts are very useful because the keys more frequently used have
priority in editing: one hand (left) on the keyboard and the other hand
(right) on the mouse.

/* ********************************************************************** */
Changing some shortcuts to a NLE's standard shortcuts.
For example: J - K - L (Play Normal reverse - Stop- Play Normal forward)
                        if pressed twice J (or L), its Play Fast or Normal.
             I - O (InPoint - OutPoint)
             A - S (Jump backwards next cut - Jump forwards next cut)

If an shortcut on After column has a '+' symbol (for example: + 'I'),
it means that it is added to the old shortcut/s on Before column
and also that that shortcut has been take from an old shortcut (of course),
which it has another key.
Description                       |               Shortcut
                                  | Before            | After
-To clip                          | 'i'               | Ctrl+I
-Scroll window timeline... left   | LeftArrow, ','    | LeftArrow
-Scroll window timeline... right  | RightArrow, '.    | RightArrow
-Label                            | 'l'               | ''' (single quote)
-Go to                            | 'g'               | Ctrl+G
-Generate keyframes... tweeking   | 'j'               | 'G'
-Jump forward... next Keyframes   | 'k'               | Shift+Right Arrow
-Jump backwards... next Keyframes | Shift+K           | Shift+Left Arrow
-New Project...                   | 'n'               | Ctrl+N
-Load files...                    | 'o'               | Ctrl+O
-Save                             | 's'               | Ctrl+S
-Save as...                       | Shift+S           | Ctrl+Shift+S
-Save Session                     | Ctrl+S            | (null)
-Select-> All                     | 'a'               | Ctrl+A
-Deselect All                     | 'a' or null       | Ctrl+Shift+A
-Select Edits                     | Ctrl+Alt+'        | Ctrl+Alt+A
-Undo                             | 'z', Ctrl+Z       | Ctrl+Z
-Redo                             | Shift+Z           | Shift+Z
-InPoint                          | '[', '<'          | + 'I'
-OutPoint                         | ']', '>'          | + 'O'
-Play Normal reverse              | NumKP 6, Alt+O    | + 'J' Normal&Fast
-Play Stop                        | NumKP 0, Alt+M    | + 'K'
-Play Normal forward              | NumKP 3, Alt+L    | + 'L' Normal&Fast
-Jump backwards to the next cut   | Alt+LeftArrow     | + 'A'
-Jump forwards to the next cut    | Alt+RightArrow    | + 'S'
-One Frame back                   | NumKP 4, Alt+U    | + ',' (comma)
-One Frame forward                | NumKP 1, Alt+J    | + '.' (period)
                                  |                   |
-Load window: Select All files    | Ctrl+A            | Ctrl+A
-Load window: Deselect All files  | Ctrl+Z            | Ctrl+Shift+A
-BD Render...                     | Ctrl+Shift+d      | (null)
-DVD Render...                    | Alt+d             | (null)
-Delete last track                | 'd'->Ctrl+D       | Ctrl+D
-Quit                             | 'q'               | Ctrl+Q
-Settings-> Save settings now     | Ctrl+Shift+S      | Shift+S
-Settings-> Align cursor on frames| Ctrl+A            | Ctrl+F

To summarize the jumps backwards and forward:
-Jump backwards to the next cut   | Alt+LeftArrow,  'A'
-Jump forwards to the next cut    | Alt+RightArrow, 'S'
-Jump backwards to the next label | Ctrl+LeftArrow
-Jump selecting forward label     | Ctrl+Shift+RightArrow
-Jump selecting backwards label   | Ctrl+Shift+LeftArrow
-Jump forwards to the next label  | Ctrl+RightArrow
-Jump backwards... next Keyframes | Shift+LeftArrow
-Jump forward... next Keyframes   | Shift+RightArrow
-Jump backwards to the next Autos | Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LeftArrow  (only works
on UbuntuStudio)
-Jump forward to the next Autos   | Ctrl+Shift+Alt+RightArrow (only works
on UbuntuStudio)
/* ********************************************************************** */
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