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Fri Feb 9 20:04:47 CET 2024

пт, 9 февр. 2024 г., 20:54 Phyllis Smith via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org

>> For now you could exclude the Color3way patch but put the other two back
>> in.
> I was wondering about Histogram and Overlayframe and was just being overly
> cautious by backing them out.  So unless someone mentions a problem with
> them before Feb. 29, I will add those 2 back in.  Meanwhile, I will at
> least see if I can reproduce the color3way issue and look at the code, but
> do not expect I can solve it.
>> PS: Using the overlays in the patchbay seems to me that the PorterDuff
>> do not work. This does not depend on the patch because I have the same
>> behavior even with the old appimages without the patch...
>> In about October of 2022, I spent a lot of time looking at all of these
> to assure myself that they were working as documented and comparing them to
> output from Gimp and SVG.  This was because IgorV made a note in his blog
> that at least one of them was all wrong -- it was not, and that was because
> of history and design differences.   I found the following necessary as a
> reminder of how to get the expected results with PorterDuff.
>     https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/CinelerraGG_Manual/Description.html
> <https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/CinelerraGG_Manual/Description.html>
> Just now, in comparing the results with the alternative views in the
> manual, the PorterDuff matches what I see. I will send Andrea the png file
> I used as the base to be used with any other landscape png on the second
> track - both of which better illustrate the results when offset as shown in
> the manual.

Everyone: works
Me: watches anime ....

oh well ... I just to say THANK YOU. I hope to return soon .....

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