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> There are two things I want to add to my current intermediate DVD mpg
> video files created with ffmpeg, and/or to the DVD tree structure created
> with DeVeDeNG:
> 1. Create and add a Navigation menu in the beginning
> This will be an upcoming, separate topic
> 2. Create and add Soft Subtitles as simple text info commentaries to the
> video content
> This is the topic for this post.
> The reason that I want *Soft* Subtitles as a separate text file stream
> related to timing, is because this should be possible to *add* or import
> to an existing video file  without the need to re-encode. It should also be
> flexible to display on or off during playback, if I have understood this
> correct so far.

IIRC you can't add text-based subtitles to DVD video. Blu-ray yes, dvd no
(both can use palletized reduced-color graphical subtitles) ... so at least
rendering text as palletized picture and then muxing it into mpeg stream is
unavoidable step,as far as I understand.

But may be those DVD creation guis can do srt => dvd_sub conversion for you

> 2.1 Preferably I want to add/import subtitles as fast and easy using GUI
> interactive tools like DeVeDeNG or VLC if possible?
> Next thereafter could be using the more time consuming ffmpeg
> https://www.baeldung.com/linux/subtitles-ffmpeg#how-to-add-soft-subtitles
> 2.2 So is the question if learning a special subtitle editor is necessary
> to create the text file easier, like one of these 5
> https://www.debugpoint.com/3-great-subtitle-editors-in-linux-systems/
> Tip, suggestions or experience how to do this?
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