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This quote says it all (I believe it was Einar who said this in an email
but I could be wrong):
 * "There will always be more bugs!"*

What is the problem with Chroma Key (HSV)? I can't find the original
> discussion.
There was not much discussion, but this is the email that mentioned it and
has a reference to where it was stated there was a problem, but no
description of what it was:

> It seems to me that CinGG has problems when dealing with the alpha
> channel, so in overlays, Keys, etc.
> See also here (without taking offense at the jibes he throws toward
> CinGG users):
It is useful to point out bugs in CinGG -- criticism is welcome/helpful and
no offense is taken.

  the following problems in CinGG (comparing with CV and HV):
> 1- Color rendering
> 2- Overlays
> 3- Conversion between color models (Adam has made updates, but states
> that Cin will always have problems with YUV(A) and recommends using
> only RGBA-FLOAT)
> 4- Blur
A most useful feature of CinGG is that if *Blur *does not work the way you
expect it to, you can always use one of the 6 other FFmpeg blur plugins
instead with various differences:  *F_gblur, *F_avgblur, F_boxblur,
F_dblur, F_smartblur, F_yaepblur.

Same thing with *Chromakey and ChromakeyHSV *- you can use *F_chromakey*,
F_chromahold, F_chromanr, F_chromashift.

P.S.  On the other side, look at the number of "Yes" versus "No" for
Features in:
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