[Cin] Fwd: Chromakey + blur testcase from IgorV

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Feb 26 10:06:41 CET 2024

> But why?? well, this is question for me, I got some  clues .... 
> (disabled in gui param "alpha determinated radius" we probably not 
> initialize correctly)

Like pointed out by Andrew and Phyllis it concerns the "Alpha determines 
radius" checkbox option in the GUI: it was hidden, by the code, in 
December 2021. For compatibility reasons and for future development it 
has been left there.
The parameter about "Alpha determines radius" is A_KEY. A_KEY can be 0 
or 1. When we press the Reset button in the Blur plugin window the 
values are: Radius=5; Horizontal= Vertical= A= R= G= B= 1; A_KEY= 0.

Old projects may have saved that parameter (A_KEY) to 1 so, in the 
special cases, is needed some workarounds to put it to 0.
1. Open the file project (.xml) in a text editor and change the A_KEY 
value of the BLUR from 1 to 0. It can be useful to change ALL these 
value using "Find and replace..." tool.
2. In Cinelerra-GG program, open the project. Click on the cog icon 
(Preset edit) of the Blur effect bar and the "Keyframe parameters" 
window is open. There, you can see the A_KEY parameter and change it: 
select the A_KEY parameter and in the "Edit value" change it from 1 to 
0,... and press OK button.

If you open the "CGG-CHKEY-BLUR-BUG.xml" test file by Igor_V 
(Igor_ubuntu) in a text editor you can see the line number #87.
R=1 G=1 B=1 A=1 *A_KEY=1*></BLUR>
Change the A_KEY from 1 to 0 and save as "CGG-CHKEY-BLUR-BUG_test2.xml".
Open that Project file in the Cinelerra-GG and we can see that the Blur 
is working right.
If you want to use the #2 point written above it is the same.

Thank you!

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