[Cin] Set stream sample aspect ratio in ffmpeg.C

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 00:26:04 CET 2024

The set of 3 patches appear to be working correctly - at least I verified:
I have not checked:
but I will still do so testing too but am sure that Terje is much better
qualified to do so.

Yesterday, I had to start out with new rewritable discs as I was never able
to "blank" the current messed up media to get valid results.  Well, I can
not blame the media too much as I am sure that I wrote over them hundreds
of time in the last 8 or so years !!!

I got duped!  I think the 3 patches are really working BUT I have been
> rewriting on rewritable media and it looks like previously writing a bad
> set causes problems if you then  write a good one on the same DVD media.
> Let  me start all over again tomorrow morning when I have a fresh brain.
> Sorry, I never suspected the media.
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