[Cin] current set of my patches

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 22:40:29 CET 2024

Should the following note appear in Set Format? I don't see it.

+/* W Ratio, H Ratio
+Sets the ratio of the new canvas size (W, H) to the old (previous)
canvas size (W, H).
+The new canvas size is recalculated based upon a certain factor in the W Ratio,
+H Ratio fields. A practical use-case: The current resolution is
640x480, and for some reason
+you want it to be 1.33 times wider. You don't have to calculate what
640x1.33 is;
+you type 1.33 into the "W" input instead, and Cinelerra calculates it
for you. */

I don't understand what 1024*1024 means. I don't seem to notice any variation.

Here is an example of the "Detail" window:

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