[Cin] SD 16:9 missing among CinGG BD-Render Video Formats

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 01:07:45 CET 2024

Den 16.01.2024 17:53, skrev Andrea paz:
>> I just installed the latest cin-x86_64 AppImage, started as root, loaded a HDV clip to test to create a BD iso/structure, without Blu-ray device connected (similar like testing create DVD).
>> But I got the following error message; any idea what is wrong here?
>> I think BD-Render currently is locked to AVCHD (h264) video and ac3 audio only.
> The same mistake I had. To do a BD/DVD render we need to run CinGG
> with root permissions.

Well, maybe you saw I actually had root access, but tried instead to 
write to a directory I had renamed 😳
> @Terje
> Thanks for the corrections. I put the new version of the text for the
> manual (the third part). Can you check this as well?

Seems fine for me.

> Plus I would like
> to ask you if you could add a "Use Case" for BDs, since I have no
> knowledge of it....

Yes, let us co-operate on a BD use case next, but first I suggest to 
complete the 16:9 HDV to 16:9 DV use case successful ;)
To repeat and extract from the long thread, we can start from from my 
dialog with Andrew below:

 > I wonder how much was cropped?
 > May be I misread you but you loaded HDV 1440*1080 clip and then
 > rendered it into ffmpeg DV at 576i WITHOUT any scaling on top?
Yes, I loaded the anamorphic 16:9 HDV 1440x1080 clip and then rendered
it using Set Format Preset PAL 576i (16:9)-DV(D) - without any scaling
on top.
According to my understanding this should down-convert the full source
image to DVD 16:9 anamorphic format, which at playback should display
upscaled 16:9 screen.
That is, just as in my first post

4 b) FFmpeg transcode HDV to DV-wide
ffmpeg -hide_banner -i hdv07_05.m2t -vf
scale=720:576,setsar=64/45,setdar=16/9 -c:v dvvideo -c:a pcm_s16le
DVD Render Format autoscales the input HDV format to fit the selected
16x9 DVD output format.
When input format and output rendering formats are identical, it seems
that nothing needs to be set/edited manually in Set Format.

Then the unavoidable request/suggestion:
Could correspondingly different I/O format via selected Presets also
bake in Autoscale as default (beside color space mentioned before) ?
(refer to the: -vf scale=720:576,setsar=64/45,setdar=16/9 in the ffmpeg
line below)
I think no, it was intended to give users control over what kind of 
filters they want to apply. Even with ffmpeg you still manually add 
scale filter ...
Fx. the DVD Render window has a Scale dropdown menu, where "Scaled" is
The other options are None and Cropped (various).
As an additional test I rendered with None, and then got similar 16:9
output displayed as ffmpeg-avi.
(The Raw DV differed with 4_3 display)

Here we are currently.  I hoped to get this down-convert/scale Rendering 
via Set Format Preset as easy as corresponding DVD Render (and 
BD-Render) using a user selectable "Scale switch". If this is not easy, 
possible or desirable, I hope you can add the detailed Scale steps in 
this case from here, because I have no experience with this yet.

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