[Cin] SD 16:9 missing among CinGG BD-Render Video Formats

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ср, 17 янв. 2024 г., 03:07 Terje J. Hanssen via Cin <
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> Den 16.01.2024 17:53, skrev Andrea paz:
> >> I just installed the latest cin-x86_64 AppImage, started as root,
> loaded a HDV clip to test to create a BD iso/structure, without Blu-ray
> device connected (similar like testing create DVD).
> >> But I got the following error message; any idea what is wrong here?
> >>
> >>
> >> I think BD-Render currently is locked to AVCHD (h264) video and ac3
> audio only.
> > The same mistake I had. To do a BD/DVD render we need to run CinGG
> > with root permissions.
> Well, maybe you saw I actually had root access, but tried instead to
> write to a directory I had renamed 😳
> >
> > @Terje
> > Thanks for the corrections. I put the new version of the text for the
> > manual (the third part). Can you check this as well?
> Seems fine for me.
> > Plus I would like
> > to ask you if you could add a "Use Case" for BDs, since I have no
> > knowledge of it....
> Yes, let us co-operate on a BD use case next, but first I suggest to
> complete the 16:9 HDV to 16:9 DV use case successful ;)

well, may be just use DVD render but abort it at second (batchrender)
window, and render normally ?

if dvd render set scaler automatically you hopefully just can reuse its
settings for wide dv encoding?

but watch out for interlace reversal ... :( (tff for hdv, bff for dv).

So may be you need more complex hdv interlaced = to frames -> scale down
fields independently = > encode

procedure ....

If you just deinterlace then scale it will be simpler, i think. Because we
not start with upscaled interlaced SD ....

To repeat and extract from the long thread, we can start from from my
> dialog with Andrew below:
> https://lists.cinelerra-gg.org/pipermail/cin/2024-January/007699.html
> =================
>  > I wonder how much was cropped?
>  >
>  > May be I misread you but you loaded HDV 1440*1080 clip and then
>  > rendered it into ffmpeg DV at 576i WITHOUT any scaling on top?
>  >
> --------------------
> Yes, I loaded the anamorphic 16:9 HDV 1440x1080 clip and then rendered
> it using Set Format Preset PAL 576i (16:9)-DV(D) - without any scaling
> on top.
> According to my understanding this should down-convert the full source
> image to DVD 16:9 anamorphic format, which at playback should display
> upscaled 16:9 screen.
> That is, just as in my first post
> 4 b) FFmpeg transcode HDV to DV-wide
> ffmpeg -hide_banner -i hdv07_05.m2t -vf
> scale=720:576,setsar=64/45,setdar=16/9 -c:v dvvideo -c:a pcm_s16le
> dv07_05_wide.dv
> ----------------------------
> DVD Render Format autoscales the input HDV format to fit the selected
> 16x9 DVD output format.
> When input format and output rendering formats are identical, it seems
> that nothing needs to be set/edited manually in Set Format.
> Then the unavoidable request/suggestion:
> Could correspondingly different I/O format via selected Presets also
> bake in Autoscale as default (beside color space mentioned before) ?
> (refer to the: -vf scale=720:576,setsar=64/45,setdar=16/9 in the ffmpeg
> line below)
> ---------------------------
> I think no, it was intended to give users control over what kind of
> filters they want to apply. Even with ffmpeg you still manually add
> scale filter ...
> -----------------------------
> Fx. the DVD Render window has a Scale dropdown menu, where "Scaled" is
> default.
> The other options are None and Cropped (various).
> As an additional test I rendered with None, and then got similar 16:9
> output displayed as ffmpeg-avi.
> (The Raw DV differed with 4_3 display)
> ============
> Here we are currently.  I hoped to get this down-convert/scale Rendering
> via Set Format Preset as easy as corresponding DVD Render (and
> BD-Render) using a user selectable "Scale switch". If this is not easy,
> possible or desirable, I hope you can add the detailed Scale steps in
> this case from here, because I have no experience with this yet.
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