[Cin] SD 16:9 missing among CinGG BD-Render Video Formats

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 20:55:35 CET 2024

As usual I made a mistake and put out another text (in a new email: )
also calling it 4 instead of 5... Please delete the old version 4 and
leave only the new one, there are many changes...
Instead of putting a new appendix we could make an external pdf and in
the manual put only the links of the third part.

For point 4, you are right, go ahead and change the sentence.

For point 2, it doesn't involve anamorphic formats, so I was thinking
of leaving it in Chapter 2. But if you think it is too long we can put
it in the appendices as "Real world use case."

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