[Cin] DAR, PAR and SAR, again

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 11:45:31 CET 2024

>> Excuse me if I come in this thread, and excuse me what I am to say for.
>> I haven't read ALL your replies about DAR, PAR, SAR. Too many for me,...
>> sorry!
I think that's what Terje is trying in vain to get me to understand:
all you need is the size of the starting frame, the ending frame, and
a convesion factor if you need one (the "pixel" or "sample" aspect
ratio). In your case the starting and ending frames are the same so
there are no conversions to be made.
What I don't understand is that you see correctly on the Compositor.
If you have rectangular (anamorphic) pixels you should see a slightly
flattened image on the monitor (which has square pixels).

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