[Cin] HDV 1080i to DVD 16x9 with MP2 audio

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 17:05:38 CET 2024

More feedback below.

I think the procedure here is somewhat tricky and a bit confusing. Therefor
I suggest some clarifications in the GUI and a manual example.

Good suggestions.  I am going to create a subdirectory on the website to
include additional examples, video, and screenshots rather than putting so
much detailed stuff in the manual.

> It is possible to Create DVD both with - and without "Use FFmpeg" checked.
> Once you check "Use FFmpeg" even though it allows you to change the Audio
format, it errors out later with "virtual int
FileSndFile::open_file(int,int); ... Error:minor format is 0".  Not sure

> On the batch render window: Enable the audiotrack,
> select File format MPEG Audio: then the audio file becomes dvd.mp3
> Even then changing the wrench from default Layer III to Layer II it keeps
> dvd.mp3
> This works the same way as Using LPCM for DVD -- that is, once you switch
from AC3 to Raw PCM, or in this case to MPEG Audio and Layer II, the Output
File extension in the upper left hand corner is "highlighted" thus drawing
your attention to modifying it to be mp2 instead.

>  This is confusing because only MP2 (Audio Layer II) is supported on
> DVD-video

Even though only MP2 is supported on DVD-video, MP3 works also on my LG and

> Many/most people know what "MP3 music" is,  but don't know what MPEG-1
> Audio Layer III

I agree, that Layer II or Layer III rather than MP2 and MP3 is unknown
these days, if you look at  the last previous email for HDV is really 4
channel?,  it uses the Layer II terminology all over the place!

> IMO it would be more visible and understandable if the default MPEG Audio
> file name had been
> dvd.mp2 for DVD video rendering.
> See above, it highlights the extension to draw your eye to change it.

> Another suggestion is to differ between application format like DVD-Video
> and BD-Video vs Data Disks (for MP3)
> and differ between applications mandatory formats on optional formats that
> may or may not work.
> I don't know why, but this way to render DVD with CinGG, creates only 6
> items in the DVD structure, missing the muxed dvd.mpg file (that is
> dvd.m2v+dvd.mp3).

Yes, you will have to edit dvd.sh to change ac3 extension to mp3 (file
written as mp3 if you do not change it, but really mp2).  Do not add -L
48000:2:16 as is not needed.   And then execute dvd.sh after like for lpcm.
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