[Cin] HDV 1080i to DVD 16x9 with MP2 audio

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 18:30:40 CET 2024

Den 29.01.2024 17:05, skrev Phyllis Smith:
> More feedback below.
>> I think the procedure here is somewhat tricky and a bit confusing. 
>> Therefor I suggest some clarifications in the GUI and a manual example.
> Good suggestions.  I am going to create a subdirectory on the website 
> to include additional examples, video, and screenshots rather than 
> putting so much detailed stuff in the manual.

Yeah, that's good.  Together with youtube video's, this will be good 
training stuff :)

>>     It is possible to Create DVD both with - and without "Use FFmpeg"
>>     checked.
> Once you check "Use FFmpeg" even though it allows you to change the 
> Audio format, it errors out later with "virtual int 
> FileSndFile::open_file(int,int); ... Error:minor format is 0".  Not 
> sure why.

I've seen that before. But now it works using Einhander's latest rpm on 
Leap: built: Jan 28 2024 04:01:19
The only thing it reports error on, is my last mentioned missing 
"dvd.mpg".... Terminal output below:

    Render::render_single: Session finished.
    Render::render_single: Session finished.
    ** rendered 10452 frames in 174.322 secs, 59.958 fps
        INFO: [mplex] mplex version 2.0.0 (2.2.7 $Date: 2010/03/13
    13:05:07 $)
    **ERROR: [mplex] Unable to open file
    for reading.
    DVDAuthor::dvdauthor, version 0.7.2.
    Build options: gnugetopt imagemagick iconv freetype fribidi
    Send bug reports to <dvdauthor-users at lists.sourceforge.net>

    INFO: default video format is PAL
    INFO: dvdauthor creating VTS
    STAT: Picking VTS 01

    STAT: Processing
    ERR:  2 opening input video file
    -- No such file or directory
    To burn dvd, load blank media and run:
    growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd -dvd-video

>>     On the batch render window: Enable the audiotrack,
>>     select File format MPEG Audio: then the audio file becomes dvd.mp3
>>     Even then changing the wrench from default Layer III to Layer II
>>     it keeps dvd.mp3
> This works the same way as Using LPCM for DVD -- that is, once you 
> switch from AC3 to Raw PCM, or in this case to MPEG Audio and Layer 
> II, the Output File extension in the upper left hand corner is 
> "highlighted" thus drawing your attention to modifying itto be mp2 
> instead.
Ok, it is possible to just edit it there by hand
>      This is confusing because only MP2 (Audio Layer II) is supported
>     on DVD-video
> Even though only MP2 is supported on DVD-video, MP3 works also on my 
> LG and Samsung!
I have old A-one player labeled among others "MP3", a Toshiba labeled 
"DivX" and the Samsung BD player with "MKV" among supported playback 
But those are optional formats different players may support or not, and 
not part of the DVD-Video or BD-Video standards. Therefore I think it is 
most important to  prioritize the mandatory standard formats, possibly 
with notice warning if trying to go beyond the mandatory formats for 
DVD-Video or BD-Video, when the purpose is to be most sure the medium 
will play in other players. (and beside, some "industry protection wars" 
between PAL and NTSC lands, LPCM and Dolby etc)

>     Many/most people know what "MP3 music" is,  but don't know what
>     MPEG-1 Audio Layer III
> I agree, that Layer II or Layer III rather than MP2 and MP3 is unknown 
> these days, if you look at  the last previous email for HDV is really 
> 4 channel?,  it uses the Layer II terminology all over the place!

>>     IMO it would be more visible and understandable if the default
>>     MPEG Audio file name had been
>>     dvd.mp2 for DVD video rendering.
> See above, it highlights the extension to draw your eye to change it.
>>     Another suggestion is to differ between application format like
>>     DVD-Video and BD-Video vs Data Disks (for MP3)
>>     and differ between applications mandatory formats on optional
>>     formats that may or may not work.
>     I don't know why, but this way to render DVD with CinGG, creates
>     only 6 items in the DVD structure, missing the muxed dvd.mpg file
>     (that is dvd.m2v+dvd.mp3).
> Yes, you will have to edit dvd.sh to change ac3 extension to mp3 (file 
> written as mp3 if you do not change it, but really mp2).  Do not add 
> -L 48000:2:16 as is not needed. And then execute dvd.sh after like for 
> lpcm.
Refer to the CinGG output above

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