[Cin] Procedure for making LPCM DVD

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 22:57:28 CET 2024

Den 23.01.2024 21:58, skrev Phyllis Smith:
> For inclusion in the Manual based on Andrew's work is the text below.  
> Let me know if it needs changes.
> ..............
> 8) Change directory to the location as shown on the terminal window of 
> dvd.sh.
> 9) Using an editor, modify the line in dvd.sh to change "dvd.ac3" to 
> "dvd.lpcm"

There is also a second line in dvd.sh containing "ac3":
         <audio format="ac3" lang="en"/>
Shouldn't also "ac3" in this line be replaced by "lpcm"?

If I do so, running the script results in

INFO: default video format is PAL
ERR:  Cannot parse audio option 'lpcm'

dvd.mpg is created and looks ok with lpcm included

But the iso is empty!?

> and change the mplex parameter to include:
>  -L  48000:2:16
> The full line will look like this:
>  mplex -f 8 -L 48000:2:16 -o $dir/dvd.mpg $dir/dvd.m2v $dir/dvd.lpcm
> 10) Now the script is ready to run in the same manner it would have 
> had it been ac3.
> That is just run via:  ./dvd.sh
> 11) Check to make sure there are no errors in the output shown on the 
> window and proceed
> as usual.
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