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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 20:21:18 CET 2024

New AppImages for December 2023 to January 2024 now available with quite a
number of small updates and 4 updated libraries. Special thanks again to
Andrew, Andrea, and Terje for much work with the code and the manual.
Hopefully, I did not forget to put all the changes into the release notes.

************ December/January Release Notes update ******************
*Andrew R’s contributions:*
Library x265 has been updated from 3.5 to snapshot of 17122023, with the
name of 3.517122023.
Libaom has been updated from version 3.4.0 to 3.8.0. This new version
requires cmake to be at least
  at version 3.7.2 (compiled correctly on 32-bit Debian 9.1 with this cmake
version). However, Ubuntu
  16 only has included cmake at version 3.5.1 so anyone doing their own
builds will need to update
  cmake or add “--enable-libaom=no” to the configure step and not compile
Updated libsndfile from 1.0.28 to 1.2.2. Libsndfile is a C library for
reading and writing files
 containing sampled sound through one standard library interface.
MAXCHANNELS is no longer limited to 6 and will allow for up to 32 in most
New useful addition of codec sar/dar and container sar/dar to ffmpeg asset
info in the Resources
 Media detailed window when available.
Fixes for Free BSD version 14 build to include moved from python 38 to
python39, switch up
 to ffmpeg 6 from ffmpeg4, and correct build for OpenEXR.
Patches for ./blds/netbsd.bld to change to ffmpeg v6.
Bluray creation, specifically the bdcreate.C file, now includes additional
creation options for 16x9
 videos. A small display for non-standard progressive options has been
Add 32000 and 44100 khz sampling frequencies to pcm-dvd encoder and to
Additional audio render formats for mp2 and dvd_pcm have been added.
The location of HiLo/LoHi settings is now consistent between info,
requester, and encoder to make it
 less confusing.
Limit number of OpenCV modules built for the 6 obj plugins since that is
currently all that is used.
Local Vorbis render format parameters fixed to allow for modified values.
Add ffmpeg raw dv profiles just for testing purposes.
Update versioninfo.h for the new year of 2024.
Add internal documentation about ratio of the new canvas size (W, H) to the
old previous canvas size
 as well as a Note for the user to see in the Format window.
Set sample aspect ratio for encoded ffmpeg stream (except in some cases so
not to impact dvd/bluray).
DV fix to handle 16x9 to avoid floating point rounding errors. DV
improvement to add date and
 timecode when encode rawdv. Remove unused define from filedv header file.

*Discovery, Testing, and Mods by Andrea, Terje, and AndrewR*
Libstvav1 is now added as a buildable option at version 1.8.0 but requires
cmake 3.16 (although 3.12
 seems to works). On the build configure line, add “enable-libsvtav1”.
SVT-AV1 is an encoder
 adopted by AOMedia as the basis for future development of AV1 and scales
fairly well across many
 CPU cores.
New render formats created by Andrea and Andrew are now available to use
SVT – svt_av1.webm
 and svt_av1.mkv.
When using the X11 graphics driver, Color3way, Histogram, and Videoscope
and rgba-float color
 model now allow you to display greater than 0 – 1.0f values to accommodate
HDR. So there is no
 clipping. See the Manual for details in those 3 sections.
New render formats of av1_vaapi.webm by Andrea, as well as image creations
for hdr.hdr and
 wbmp.wbmp are now available. These will require specific hardware and
software to be usable on
 your computer.
Add missing includes as discovered by Andrea of <array> and <fstream> for
the newest distros such as
  the rolling-release Arch in AppImage build tools.
Modified the bld.sh script to include comments for specific builds on the
configure line.

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