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ср, 31 янв. 2024 г., 22:21 Phyllis Smith via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org

> New AppImages for December 2023 to January 2024 now available with quite a
> number of small updates and 4 updated libraries. Special thanks again to
> Andrew, Andrea, and Terje for much work with the code and the manual.
> Hopefully, I did not forget to put all the changes into the release notes.
> ************ December/January Release Notes update ******************
> *Andrew R’s contributions:*
> Library x265 has been updated from 3.5 to snapshot of 17122023, with the
> name of 3.517122023.
> Libaom has been updated from version 3.4.0 to 3.8.0. This new version
> requires cmake to be at least
>   at version 3.7.2 (compiled correctly on 32-bit Debian 9.1 with this
> cmake version). However, Ubuntu
>   16 only has included cmake at version 3.5.1 so anyone doing their own
> builds will need to update
>   cmake or add “--enable-libaom=no” to the configure step and not compile
> libaom.
> Updated libsndfile from 1.0.28 to 1.2.2. Libsndfile is a C library for
> reading and writing files
>  containing sampled sound through one standard library interface.
> MAXCHANNELS is no longer limited to 6 and will allow for up to 32 in most
> cases.
> New useful addition of codec sar/dar and container sar/dar to ffmpeg asset
> info in the Resources
>  Media detailed window when available.
> Fixes for Free BSD version 14 build to include moved from python 38 to
> python39, switch up
>  to ffmpeg 6 from ffmpeg4, and correct build for OpenEXR.
> Patches for ./blds/netbsd.bld to change to ffmpeg v6.
> Bluray creation, specifically the bdcreate.C file, now includes additional
> creation options for 16x9
>  videos. A small display for non-standard progressive options has been
> fixed.
> Add 32000 and 44100 khz sampling frequencies to pcm-dvd encoder and to
> mjpegtools/mplex.
> Additional audio render formats for mp2 and dvd_pcm have been added.
> The location of HiLo/LoHi settings is now consistent between info,
> requester, and encoder to make it
>  less confusing.
> Limit number of OpenCV modules built for the 6 obj plugins since that is
> currently all that is used.
> Local Vorbis render format parameters fixed to allow for modified values.
> Add ffmpeg raw dv profiles just for testing purposes.
> Update versioninfo.h for the new year of 2024.
> Add internal documentation about ratio of the new canvas size (W, H) to
> the old previous canvas size
>  as well as a Note for the user to see in the Format window.
> Set sample aspect ratio for encoded ffmpeg stream (except in some cases so
> not to impact dvd/bluray).
> DV fix to handle 16x9 to avoid floating point rounding errors. DV
> improvement to add date and
>  timecode when encode rawdv. Remove unused define from filedv header file.
> *Discovery, Testing, and Mods by Andrea, Terje, and AndrewR*
> Libstvav1 is now added as a buildable option at version 1.8.0 but requires
> cmake 3.16 (although 3.12
>  seems to works). On the build configure line, add “enable-libsvtav1”.
> SVT-AV1 is an encoder
>  adopted by AOMedia as the basis for future development of AV1 and scales
> fairly well across many
>  CPU cores.
> New render formats created by Andrea and Andrew are now available to use
> SVT – svt_av1.webm
>  and svt_av1.mkv.
> When using the X11 graphics driver, Color3way, Histogram, and Videoscope
> and rgba-float color
>  model now allow you to display greater than 0 – 1.0f values to
> accommodate HDR. So there is no
>  clipping. See the Manual for details in those 3 sections.
> New render formats of av1_vaapi.webm by Andrea, as well as image creations
> for hdr.hdr and
>  wbmp.wbmp are now available. These will require specific hardware and
> software to be usable on
>  your computer.
> Add missing includes as discovered by Andrea of <array> and <fstream> for
> the newest distros such as
>   the rolling-release Arch in AppImage build tools.
> Modified the bld.sh script to include comments for specific builds on the
> configure line.

\0/ for us!

sorry, my mind a bit preoccupied by this bash script I discovered recently
(encode2mpeg). It works after my hack for simplest 6ch ac3 -> mp2 encoding
but there was automatic channel reordering I broke and also feeding sox
with 6 raw files apparently is not as simple as sox (params) *.pcm .... my
idea of the day is to construct long variable in bash holding full command
line, but I get minor headache sitting in badly ventilated room, so I think
my best next move is to walk out with Fennec ...

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