[Cin] removing letter boxing while preserving aspect

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Mar 4 09:09:16 CET 2024

I tested that in Cinelerra-GG using a PNG made by me: 1920x1080 inside a 
1920x1440. And using an easy settings, it works as you want, I think. 
But I don't know if it could work for you, for your specific video. 
Could you share a little fragment of video (at least 3 seconds), please? 
If you can,... can you upload that in somewhere,.. not here? Thanks.


Il 04/03/2024 08:59, Rob Prowel via Cin ha scritto:
> Yeah, I know how to do it with ffmpeg filters quite easily, but was 
> hoping it could be done in cinelerra as one of a longer sequence of 
> edits.

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