[Cin] removing letter boxing while preserving aspect

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 10:30:40 CET 2024

I think the work can also be done in CinGG.
When you have distortions it is because the format of the project does
not match the format of the track on the timeline or the format of the
asset; in our case the track is considered. I created in inkscape an
image with a 4:3 format and the dimensions of 768x576. Inside I drew a
rectangle that coincides with the 3:2 format with dimensions 768x512.
I attach this image.
If we change the DAR (aspect ratio) from 4:3 to 3:2 we get a distorted
image. So we must first adjust the track on the timeline to the new
dimensions and then conform the project (size 768x512 and DAR to 3:2)
in the window Settings --> Format.
Now that format and track size match we have our crop without distortion.
Note: the first step of scaling to the 768x512 size should not be done
on the asset (via plugin or the Resize found in RMB --> Info), because
this keeps the DAR at 4:3. We must scale by acting on the track in the
timeline, via RMB --> Resize track...

The steps I took are as follows:
1- I upload the image 4-3_3-2.png
2- upload image to timeline
3- RMB on the track on the Timeline and I choose Resize track
4- I set the value 768 (unchanged) and 512 (new). Note that the ratio
of sides remains 1:1. I click OK.
5- I see the deformed track because it conflicts with the project
format (which matches the asset format)
6- I open the Set Format window (Setting --> Format)
7- Set H = 512
8- Set Display Aspect Ratio a 3:2
9- I click Apply and then click OK.
10- In the compositor you can see the crop of the asset that exactly
shows the 768x512 format at 3:2
11- By making a render this remains in the new format, that is, of the
desired 3:2 crop.
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