[Cin] Monitor profiling

Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 15:41:14 CET 2018

Hi Andrea, I would have preferred to answer you directly on the forum, 
but it seems impossible to "copy" text into the answer window.

I also calibrated my monitors. My probe is not a "Spyder5" but rather an 
"i1Display Pro" from X-rite.

The proprietary calibration and characterization software that comes 
with my probe does not work under Linux (but even under Windows I didn't 
like it that much...).

So I chose to use the free software "DisplayCAL" 
(https://displaycal.net) on Linux, Windows and Apple, which works in 
collaboration and requires the reference color bank of the software 
"ArgyllCMS". I know they are compatible with the "Spyder5".

I am very satisfied with it, I have calibrated all my monitors to the 
"Rec. 1886" standard offered in the menus.

As you probably know, this only concerns the adjustment of monitors for 
their general use on the computer. Ideally, the software used should 
then be corrected individually if it supports the option. Right now, I 
don't think Cinelerra can.


> I tried to profile my laptop monitor with the Spyder5 and DisplayCal.
> The first image is the profile I normally use, calibrated on the D50 and which I find restful for my eyes:
> D50
> The following image is made after going to Nvidia-settings and applying a hardware reset in the display section. The color temperature is so high that your eyes will be sore after a few minutes:
> Hardware reset
> This is the result of the calibration with the colorimeter:
> Spyder5
> I think he's got a bad greenish dominance.
> I did the calibration while the D50 profile was active. Is that a mistake? Don't profiles have to be set during calibration?
> Or is it okay and is it only my habit to warm colors that makes me look wrong?
> Again: what does "hardware reset" mean? Does it mean that the monitor is actually factory calibrated in this way?
> [There is not difference on screenshot; in live view there is difference!]

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