[Cin] Timeline: Move the clips with new features

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Dec 27 12:40:15 CET 2018

Am 27.12.18 um 11:57 schrieb Igor BEGHETTO:
> Thanks for your reply even though I hoped more people were intersted 
> about. Only five. (Thanks Andrea for your contribute)
> - IgorBeg quote: B) Move a few options from submenu with MMB to 
> submenu with RMB: Find in Resources, Show edit, User title Bar color.
> - Sam quote: There are two different context menus. One context menu 
> is Track related and the other context menu is Clip related. The way 
> GG did it is logically correct. With your suggestion you would move 
> clip related actions (Find in Resources, Show edit, User title Bar 
> color) to track related actions, but that wouldn't be correct.
> Sam, I agree completely with you about "One context menu is Track 
> related and the other context menu is Clip related."
> And I would like to say the same thing for the two different mode 
> “Drag and Drop editing mode” and “Cut and paste editing mode”: the 
> first mode is Clip related (and GG have done a really fantastic work) 
> and the second would have to be Track related.
> Unfortunately in “Cut and paste editing mode” a function is changed; 
> now, if we do double click on a clip, that clip is selected (with a 
> red rectangle) instead of highlight the area. To highlight the area 
> the Ctrl key have to be pressed before. IMHO, maybe and I say maybe, 
> it was better the opposite: double click, as it was before 
> (highlight), and with Ctrl+dLMB the new feature (clip selected): 
> priority on Track behaviour.
> What do you (all) think about, please?

You're right, I haven't noticed that yet. Your suggestion sounds reasonable.

I guess that GG wanted to standardize the mouse behavior. Logically it 
makes sense, in Drag & Drop mode you have to select several clips with 
CTRL + left mouse click. In Cut & Paste mode you can select multiple 
tracks with CTRL + double left mouse click, therefore a similar behavior.

However, your suggestion is more user-friendly because you save the CTRL 
key in the cut & paste mode. I like your suggestion. +1
(as long as it doesn't change the behavior in drag & drop mode and the 
clip context menu.)


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