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The way it is at the moment, I personally think it's better. I see the 
framework that I also want to move. I pull the frame in the direction I 
want it to go and the frame moves in that direction. The current 
operating manner is much more intuitive than the old one. The old way of 
working has always confused me.

However, it still doesn't work properly and in my opinion it's a bug.
As soon as I reduce the red frame, the green frame would have to be 
reduced proportionally. I shrink the whole view area (red frame) of the 
visible area, so the area of the camera view should shrink as well. I 
can't have a larger view area of the camera than the area of the 
projector. If I would now switch from projector view to camera view, 
then it would have to have the same size, 50% smaller projector area = 
50% smaller camera area. Then the view of the red and green frame would 
be correct. The green frame can be enlarged in the second step, but only 
after the size has been adjusted proportionally to the red frame. The 
green frame may also be larger than the red frame, but this would mean a 
zoom inside the red frame.


On 04.04.19 19:04, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Andrea: it was changed around September 2018.  Below the dotted line 
> is the original email.  I thought I had corrected the wording in the 
> manual but apparently I only fixed one place.
> And if while making a new video, you get some good explanatory 
> screenshots that I can use for the manual, that would be great!  
> (Else, I might have to steal them from your video).  I have not spent 
> any time understanding the camera and projector so in the manual just 
> mostly did a "cut and paste" from the cv manual without the 
> accompanying screenshots which were outdated.
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> Sep 9, 2018 at 11:49 AM
> I don't like it either.  GG is going to make a mod and change it 
> UNLESS users are so enamoured with the current way it works and say 
> "please do not change it".  And is it later becomes a problem, can 
> reverse it.
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> Sep 9, 2018 at 10:35 AM
> > "When we drag over the viewport in the compositor window (although
> > initially counter-intuitive), the viewport does not moves but the
> > area of video that sits under the camera's location does, like when
> > watching the output of a moving camera.
> > For example, when you drag the camera down, the viewport in effect
> > is moving downwards on the video, showing its path towards the
> > bottom of the video, but from our perspective on the compositor
> > screen, we see the video moving up. When you drag the camera right,
> > the video seems to move left, and so on."
> https://cinelerra-cv.org/docs/cinelerra_cv_manual_en.html#SEC129
> I say it freely, I don't like it. I work a lot with the camera and
> feel that this is an unnecessary hurdle. Do I stand alone with it,
> has anyone ever thought about cutting off the old plait?
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