[Cin] Proxy error (optimal settings)

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Fri Apr 12 20:34:13 CEST 2019

On 12.04.19 19:08, Igor BEGHETTO wrote:
> GG/Phyllis quotes: Do either of you have a suggestion for a workaround 
> in Proxy to be able to use a different fps? Something else "Override 
> frame rate?"
> For me is better don't touch it. It help to undestand if rendering 
> will have any problem.

Same here.

> Usually, the professional mode is ...
> 1) to convert the source video with a external program, like Eyeframe 
> (unfortunately only for Windows program) or ffmpeg, to a friendy fps 
> (and change GOP, GroupOfPictures).
> 2) "to convert" the fps inside Cinelerra-gg, like I have done with 
> your 61 fps video: in Resources->Media, select the video, RMB on that 
> video, choose "Info" option and change video's framerate.
> In a old post/thread/issue (I don't remember) I had written that would 
> be useful to have in Media, near the name of the video/audio some 
> fields with the informations: fps, size, (codec?). It would be useful 
> because you could see the info without open another window (Info 
> window) for every file. I understand that it is not easy to implement 
> that feature.

I agree with you Igor. If I had seen that it wasn't 120 FPS but 119.88 
FPS, then I would have come to the cause of the problem myself.

> GG/Phyllis: "Eagle Eyes Igor"
> My sister call me Ygor. Take a look at 
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxxSIX3fmmo
> Great movie (...and No Comment, please). =)

Hahaha :-) I had to laugh very much about the video. Nice :)

> IgorBeg
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