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Kovács László info at kovacsoltvideo.hu
Sun Feb 10 20:30:13 CET 2019

Just the time to chimp in...
Hello, I'm new here, and am still evaluating Cinelerra to see if I can 
work with it. I'm an event videographer.

I come from Windows/Vegas pro, and my main goal in this regard is to 
ditch windows, and am looking for program. Cinelerra looks to me the 
most mature on Linux, but it seems to "speak an exotic language" to me.
So prepare to a lot of newbie stupid questions from me in the near 
future. (Still trying things before bothering you...)

And now my chimp in:
Videos created with phones often are not just simply long GOP, but are 
also variable frame rate. If something, that can screw up timeline to my 
experience - not sure about Cinelerra though.
Just my 2 cents.

Thank you for your attention

Laszlo Kovacs

My kids are StarWars fans... ;)

2019. 02. 10. 12:30 keltezéssel, Igor BEGHETTO írta:
> @Andrea
> Thanks for your video. It explain very well the different cases.
> If it don't waste your time and if you have time, you could transcode 
> your source video (1080p) to mpeg and re-test in the same condition. So 
> we (all) can see how i7-cpu "digests" the mpeg codec. I can not to do 
> that because my pc is too much poor (usually I set Proxy scale to 1/4 
> for projects at 1080p). Yes, It still doesn't help to solve the problem.
> Unfortunately I am not an expert in ffmpeg (like olaf or igor_ubuntu, 
> and others), I just copy and paste after reading, but if you want to 
> transcode your file with ffmpeg in the command line:
> ffmpeg -i inputvideo.mp4 -c:v mpeg2video -q:v 2 -c:a copy outputvideo.mpg
> @Phyllis
> I saw your video. I learned another thing about Cinelerra, even if my 
> old Notebook is really poor. Thanks!
> @Terje
> Thanks to you I can see that Mediainfo shows the GOP value. And I see 
> that the mobile phones have all great GOP value to compress the file (my 
> phone records with GOP=90). Thanks!
> IgorBeg
> PS:
> Who has the Millennium falcon, please? ;-P

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