[Cin] Batch render window usage lead to BOOBY

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 17:20:52 CET 2019

В сообщении от Saturday 23 February 2019 15:58:25 Igor BEGHETTO написал(а):
> In the last testing build Feb 23 2019 I have noticed the new
> informations in terminal about batch rendering. Very useful! (Not more
> BOOBY! occur to me).Thanks GG/Phyllis,...and Andrew.
> @Andrew
> Have you seen the Andrea_Paz's "request" (Managing mkv in CinGG)?
> Link to https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/bugtracker/view.php?id=137

Not yet, Igor!

Still building (updated) Cinelerra-GG inside qemu-system-ppc64!

I had trouble with very latest git qemu, may be again overoptimization at my 
side or other user error. qemu 2.12 should work. I also installed OLD version 
of Alpine linux - they have 3.9 for arm/ppc64le/x86-64 now .... New version 
have fftw3 library in main repo.

Cinelerra-GG's build script still working after million of interruptions. One of 
them was missing fftw3 system-wide (ladspa insisted on their presense). Just 
copied fftw3 folder from thirdparty and compiled it for shared libs, and 
installed 'make install' way.

many thirdparty libs need updating their config.guess script for ppc64le - 
including libdv, libuuid, mjpegtools, a52dec, libiec_something, will try to 
provide complete list if / when build finished.

> IgorBeg
> Il 21/02/2019 16.19, Phyllis Smith ha scritto:
> > Your first catch of the day! GG is looking at it now.  He also was
> > testing the addition of "fps" at the end of the batch jobs yesterday
> > but we have to make sure it looks like it is reporting somewhat
> > correctly (reference Wild email Phoronix).

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