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The tars and packages for the end of the month builds are now at:
The full release notes are at:
Updated GPU hardware acceleration document because minor changes were made
on usage (temporarily at):

CREDIT goes to a bunch of people (you know who you are!) for contributions
for themes & png-s, testing, control, setup, feedback, dumps and
suggestions of more good ideas.
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 05/01/2019-05/31/2019
for builds

1.  *Leap 15.1* (Sam notification) and *Debian 10.0 Buster/Testing *(AJ
notification) builds now available.
2. The *Canvas lock/refresh* was completely reworked with many Mutex-s
being corrected to
    Conditions.  Although much testing was completed, there is still a
possibility that a deadlock could
    occur under some missed situation.  These could occur in the Compositor
or Viewer and if using
    either X11 or X11-OpenGL video driver.  Please report problems for
analysis and possible fixes.

3. The* Masks* have had several changes implemented plus additional
features to include:
    - *OpenGL upgraded from 1.x to 4.3 *for masking only.  This will affect
any operating system that
       has not upgraded to at least 4.3 and does not have graphics driver
upgrades when using Feather.
       Since 4.3 was released in 2012 this was kind of a surprise until GG
started updating for Cinelerra
       masking and found out how difficult it was to do this.   The user
workaround is to check the box
       “Disable OpenGL masking” in the Mask menu if using Feather for those
computers at 1.x.
    - added *rotate and scale* around a pivot point to include a Focus X/Y
    - now have *names for masks* instead of just the numbers 0 through 7
and they show on compositor
    - the function *feather *is a logical function instead of a
mathematical function so should be faster and
       now works correctly in OpenGL without the stairstep effect and
spurious blobs appearing
    - rework of the mask engine and lots of cleanup done to include
correcting keyframe spanning for
      mask auto update_params; fix for mask problem of Mask Clear
generating a keyframe at position 0,
      and other minor bug fixes
    - the Mode button for *multiply and subtract alpha has been replaced
with Fade slider* bar with
       positive and negative values
    - a Clear button has been added to delete All Masks for convenience
    - Fade and Feather sliders have a sticky at 0 making it easy to get to
0 and stay there momentarily
    - *Gang for fade and feather *has been added. This is a symbol to the
right of those slider bars and
       looks like 2 links in a chain entwined. As you fade/feather one of
the masks, the others will
       fade/feather in relation up to a point
    - Markers checkbox added to turn on/off the points for easier viewing
    - Boundary checkbox added to turn on/off the boundary so as to not
interfere with your view
    - *radio buttons added, one for each mask*, to make it easy to quickly
change from one to another and
      in addition the ones in use are in a different color; also a tumbler
so you can use the middle mouse
      wheel to go from one to the other

4.  *Potential bit hint for Nvidia graphics* boards computer users - try to
enable/disable Vsync in ... driver's control application if you use
proprietary drivers.  Disable "Sync to VBlank" (option for OpenGL) in
NVIDIA X Server Settings... has solved the problem!  Thanks to Andrew.
This might help
anyone with an Nvidia card using Cinelerra and having low frames/sec.

5. *Usability Improvements*
    A flag in Settings→Preferences, Performance, “Use HW” device with 3
choices of none, vaapi, or
       vdpau has been added for using GPU instead of CPU for graphics
devices that are capable of doing
       hardware acceleration.  You may have to restart Cinelerra when you
set or change this initially.
    When decoding during a load operation, you can make use of an .opts
file to allow for specifically
       using hardware decode or not for a specific video file.  For usage
of  these last 2 items, temporarily
       refer to
    *Encode hardware acceleration for vaapi *(Intel graphics board) + 4
opts file (h264, hevc, mjpeg,
      mjpeg2) has been added.
    Color 3 Way plugin has had “clear” buttons added by an anonymous
user/programmer.  Convenient!
    The 16 plugins which recently had the Clear feature added, have
had a *modified
Clear icon* added for
       all the themes.  This was tedious work credited to another
contributor and included all variations.
    Olaf’s *Neophyte theme has been updated.*  Especially “beautiful” is
the About tab in Preferences.
    A *new “2019 modern” theme, Cakewalk*, has been added and is now the
default for users who do
       not have an existing $HOME/.bcast5 file or you can switch to it.
Olaf credit for both themes.
    *German translations* in de.po have been upgraded to fix some and
include a lot more – by Olaf.
    Language translations in f*r.po for French* have been much improved by
contributions from Olivier.
    The Shell Cmds feature has an additional option  when doing an Add “run
/path/script.sh + argvs”
      which allows for using $1, $2, … args by replacing them with
highlighted assets in the Resource

6. *Bugs/Issues fixed*
    Build tweaks for the newest Fedora version 30 and Tags tweaks were
added for debugging purposes.
    Fix for OpenGL Finish – OpenGL was crashing and last month’s temporary
workaround is now this
       permanent fix.  Thanks to Pierre using Mint 18.3 which illustrated
the bug. CIN_FINISH has been
       removed because it was a workaround in effect when no other
resolution was available.
    Title plugin fixes - missing alpha slider and color change on
characters now working correctly.
    An error message will popup when the GPU cannot process video to pass
back to the CPU.
    A booby trap has been fixed that occurred when you did a cancel on the
outline color button in Titler.
    In the Titler, the Stamp timecode box was taking up too much space so
had to be moved.
    There was a SEGV observed in vgui / cgui if closed while playing that
has now been fixed.
    Updated ffmpeg git option in the build scripts.  The line numbers
always change and ordinarily it is
       only updated when a stable and worthy release for ffmpeg is
    Added register dumps for the system of user generated dumps to help in
    A SEGV was occurring because for some unknown reason there was a divide
by 0 for width/height
       on a draw refresh.  If the zero divisor condition exists, it will
now change it to the number 1.
   OpenCV has been changed to no longer provide the SIFT/SURF algorithms
due to murky patents.
   Make_shader routine has been reworked.
   A SEGV destructor error for AC3 has been fixed.
   There was a spurious mask drag tooltip that is now gone.
   Several more contributions by Olivier to repair minor problems include:
     - corrections to the Debian control file
     - the language translation xlat.sh script has been fixed
     - lv2_blacklist.txt additions to avoid incompatible lv2 plugins that
prevent Cinelerra from starting
   Five more ffmpeg plugins specific to vaapi usage were commented out as
contributed by John/Jacek
     from the Solus team.  It is possible, though not probable, that they
would work on some hardware.
   Reworked Shells Cmds to refer to the CinelerraGG_manual.pdf file and no
outdated references.
      However these will not be in effect until your
$HOME/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc is re-created or edited.
   Fixed OpenGL’s transform translate (again!).
   Slight modification to the shell command, RenderMux.sh, in order to
create a logfile when used.
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