[Cin] CinGG manual to Latex

Спицын Андрей spitsyn.andrey at gmail.com
Thu May 9 20:15:07 CEST 2019


Great job! I changed plain text formatting to described list for Audio
attributes and Video attributes section.
I used nested described list for the color model. 
I hope you like it.
Also I used small space between digits and units. 

>1. Do I occasionally have to update my fork of your repository or does
>it happen automatically? How do I do it?
>2. I don't understand what "pull requests" are and how to do them. (I
>guess that's the answer to question 1).

You are right pull requests it's a way to sync ours repos.
Then you create pull requests in my repository it's like to say to me that
you did some additions to my version of manual and ask me  to review
these changes.  Pull requests based on "merge" of "branches" mechanism
in git.
Code versions stored in so called "branches". Branches used then you
want to create new feature in product and want to keep old stable
version. Good how-to about branches in git located at:

So in short to transfer my changes into your repository, you have to crate pull requests in your
repository, a select base repository Andrea-Paz/cin-manual-latex  and
head repository einhander/cin-manual-latex and click Create Pull
Pay attention to green label "Able to merge. These branches can be automatically merged."
After you write title of Pull requests and comment Pull Request will be
completed. Click accept to actually transfer changes into your github

Execute "git pull" in local repository to download all changes from
github into your local repository.

Alternatively you can create local branch that tracks changes in my

To add remote branch called einhander:

git remote add einhander  git at github.com:einhander/cin-manual-latex.git

to switch into remote branch:

git checkout remotes/einhander/master

To create local branch from current remote:

git checkout -b einhander

To set bind local and remote branch to use git pull
git branch --set-upstream-to=einhander/master einhander

Now you have a local branch that tracks my repo. 
To update it switch to
that branch: 

git checkout einhander 
git pull

To merge all changes into your repository
Switch into main master:

git checkout master
git merge einhander

I hope that I write it correctly. 
The second way is the only way to work with other git hostings without
web GUI.

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