[Cin] I want to help translating cinelerraGG website

Sergio Daniel Gomez sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar
Mon Nov 11 14:22:26 CET 2019

Hi Sam... What do you think about translation parts on web page taking 
about untranslated parts in cinelerra menu? for example where say: 
"Settings Preferences, Appearance tab.", in spanish must say "Ajuste 
Preferencias, pestaña Apariencia", but "Appearance tab" are unstranslate 
in cinelerragg.

So, "Ajuste Preferencias, pestaña Apariencia" or

"Ajuste Preferencias, Appearance tab"?

I compiled and installed cinelerraGG from git last november 9th.

Thansk in advance


El 11/11/2019 a las 9:48, Sergio Daniel Gomez escribió:
> Thanks San, I received invitation and I'm checking the translation tool.
> Sergio
> El 11/11/2019 a las 9:35, Sam escribió:
>> I have registered you as a translator for the Spanish website. You 
>> should have received an invitation by e-mail from the translation 
>> tool. If you have any questions please contact me.
>> Sam
>> On 11.11.19 04:11, Sergio Daniel Gomez wrote:
>>> Hi Sam. I did it. I'm registered now.
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