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Marco Ciampa ciampix at posteo.net
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On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 02:55:48PM +0200, Andrea paz wrote:
> @Marco

Thanks for your prompt reply, 

> > For many reasons I think Asciidoc is the best markup language for docs.
> My compliments: the page of the KiCAD guides is really nice and
> convenient to use. Who knows if in the future we can do something
> similar. For now, we are stopping at a simple collection of pdfs (but
> we are now close to the end of the manual in LaTeX).

Right, lets first finish what you have. If you are close to finish it,
that is the most sensible thing to do. For the future, I'm here.

> I'll try to say my opinion. The use of LaTeX is mainly due to two factors:
> 1- Power of this language: Easy transposition from the originals (in
> .odt); 

Guess in which format were the kicad original manuals? ;-)

> easy incorporation of user additions and corrections without
> involving the global structure;

same as but easier in asciidoc

>  total control over the final result
> (about 600 pages full of images, tables and lists); being able to get
> a nice PDF.

same as but easier in asciidoc

> 2- We are few and no one has proposed to use asciidoc. Instead Andrey
> proposed himself for Latex, and his knowledge of the language is so
> deep that he managed to explain it easily even to an ignorant person
> like me. :-).

good point but ...

with asciidoc there is almost no knowledge in writing the contents,
so you don't have to ask the latex guru to make index, tables or so.
If you look at the format it is almost like as writing this email.

Yes it is that easy.

Anyway when I have some spare time I can try to convert all 600 pages of
docs in asciidoc to see how it comes out...

PS: where are the doc sources? With the program sources I do not see
anything like in /doc, perhaps in another repo?


Best regards,
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