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Great, I am in no hurry and also would like to include your statistics in
the manual if possible.

On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 3:30 PM Sergio Daniel Gomez <
sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar> wrote:

> Phyllis, Yes! just this parameter, but if you want, give me a few day to
> more test. At this moment.. rendering 4minutes x 30 fps, full-hd, with
> masks, 11.685fps, rendering same time with constant zoom and chromakey,
> 9.04 fps. The detail is,before was rendering a 6 fps.
> I want to test little more to confirm stability, HW rendering I can
> confirm now.
> Sergio
> El 11/04/2020 a las 13:38, Phyllis Smith escribió:
> Sergio,
> Thank you so much for sharing your results which are quite impressive.  Am
> I understanding correctly that the only change you ended up making was the"*hwaccel_flags
> to (0x00000002) ?? *allow_high_depth" to the h264-nvenc.mp4 ffmpeg option
> file?  I want to add that as a choice for others to see.  Probably your
> newer/higher end graphics board was very beneficial -- a good way to
> justify upgrading if using h264/h265.
> GG/Phyllis
> On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 7:07 AM <sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar> wrote:
>> Thanks a lot! Well...
>> pipe option isn't better in this case (I did some test). Changing  parameters
>> to pass in  the "view" button, ffmpeg option, not codec, is better.
>> Attached images show some information to think it's using HW
>> Acceleration. It's using 2 of 6 cores when before used all cores to
>> reender. And use dedicate memory of graphic card and more GPU  and video
>> engine. Render time reduce about 25% and that's excelent
>> Oh! The more important topic ! Manual is amazing. I'm trying to translate
>> to spanish (slowly) to read the whole book and colaborate with CinGG
>> Sergio
>> El 2020-04-10 15:13, Phyllis Smith escribió:
>> Sorry, I (Phyllis) did not quite understand the question and it was late
>> at night so my brain was tired.
>>> My original question was: Can I pass some imput parameters to ffmpeg in
>>> render process? And I ask this again. Why? Becase ffmpeg -hwaccel cuvid
>>> can enconder x264 at 13,7x and without this parameter, just 2.5x. And at
>>> the moment, x264 is sufficient for me.
>> One way to get parameters passed to ffmpeg while rendering is using the
>> "Piping Video to a Command Line" (this was adapted from CV) and is
>> documented in Rendering chapter 6 of the manual (6.5.6 section).  I have
>> not re-tested that in awhile but there is no reason that it should not be
>> working.
>> The second way which might only work for certain parameters, is to click
>> on the Video wrench in the Render Menu and try to see if the parameter you
>> want to pass is available in either the "view" button which brings up
>> another menu and on the top right hand side is the button "Kind" which
>> defaults to "codec" but can be set to "ffmpeg".   And/Or click on the
>> "format" button which provides additional parameters -- these only sort of
>> work and probably not what you want.
>> A third way is just to write a Shell Command and use that via the "shell
>> cmds" button in the upper right hand corner of the timeline by the "Ffmpeg
>> use first/last button".
>> None of these are easy and you are a brave man to attempt them !!  Phyllis
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