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Sat Apr 18 23:19:41 CEST 2020

I was precisely referring to an informal channel.
I don't know if you saw my proposal on this mailing list.
The idea was basically to create a YouTube channel, it just occurred to me
that its name could be, Informal Cinfinity.
In order to upload the useful videos, which we use to respond to a user
when they have their doubts.
Mute videos, even without music, so that other users can quickly solve a
For this I quoted videos of 2 minutes maximum duration.
The only important thing in this case would be the title.
I watch young people today, when they have a problem, they run away from
10-minute videos ... you have to be very good to make a video of more than
3 minutes and capture people's attention to the end. I make long video
tutorials ... until one day to respond to a person I made a quick video,
without a header, or decorations, or even music, it was about kdenlive ...
it's the one people tell me the most they liked it. I removed it from the
channel because kdenlive stopped liking me.
As I said before, it could be Cinfinity's informal channel.

El sáb., 18 abr. 2020 a las 20:50, Sam (<cinelerra at posteo.de>) escribió:

> I would appreciate it if you would like to add videos to our official
> channel, regardless of your own channel, in case there is a video left. If
> people still prefer to fill their own channel with Cinelerra-GG videos,
> it's up to them. This offer is a voluntary option that we want to offer
> you.
> It's just important to me that it has a minimum of quality. That means a
> nice intro with the Cinfinity logo and nice background music. I want to
> give the new user a visual aesthetic enjoyment. As a designer I probably
> pay more attention to such things automatically.
> If you want to participate, you'll get an invitation from me and can then
> upload these videos directly to the official Cinelerra-GG YouTube channel.
> The only important thing is that no rights are violated on video and audio
> material, then it should be no problem. If videos are uploaded, then only
> under a free license, because we are not a commercial enterprise, but a
> free open source community. If you would like to fill the channel, you are
> welcome to do so and of course you can also immortalize yourself as an
> author in the videos.
> Please let us know who is interested in co-managing this channel. Best
> would be two volunteers, so that we always have a reserve in case someone
> has other obligations. It would also be helpful if these volunteers could
> answer to some comments from time to time. I would then officially name
> these new co-responsibles for the YouTube channel on our supporters page,
> if it's okay for them. However, everyone can contribute and provide videos.
> Thanks for your support.
> Sam
> Am 18.04.20 um 13:03 schrieb Andrea paz:
> There would already be a Youtube channel of CinGG; that's the one where
> Sam uploaded his beautiful Intro.
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