[Cin] Bump Autos + other checked into GIT

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 14:00:30 CEST 2020

Thanks for fix. The action of the changes (via slider) on the curve of
one track is now also transmitted to the curves of the other tracks.
Igor's first problem is also solved, but I confirm the second problem
he detected.
1- what happens if there are keyframes within the bump interval? It
seems to me that they become bump keyframes too, so the interval
designed by us is reduced to several intervals between close autos.
2- When you set the right edge keyframe (edge and span), you also
change the left edge keyframe. And vice versa. In my opinion it would
be better to make them independent because it could happen that the
effect of the curve expands also to the next or previous edits (2th
problem of IgorBeg?). With the independent settings you can narrow the
range perfectly, with the left autos set on the right and the right
autos set on the left. As it is now they are both set to left or
right. I understand that my request goes against the functioning of
the bump autos, maybe it is better not to take it into account.
3- The autos handlers give boredom, confuse the curve if there are
other keyframes and are unusable to make changes to the autos (which
can only be done with sliders). Is it possible to delete them or at
least not see them?

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