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Wed Aug 26 18:25:39 CEST 2020

First of all, I apologize for getting into the conversation.

I see that you are working on the issue of speed change. Precisely these
days playing with the change of speed I have encountered some more
problems. For example, if there are effects inserted to the clip or track
that I apply a speed change, they lose synchrony.

The line is a good option, but I see that it is very problematic.

Wouldn't it be easier to make an effect, or assistant, that acts on the
time of a certain clip?

Let me explain, if I have a clip that lasts 10 seconds at 30 frames per
second, I have a 300-frame clip and each frame lasts 33.33 milliseconds. If
through an effect I tell it that each frame lasts for example 66.66 the
result is that this clip will last twice as long and will go in slow
motion, however if I indicate that each frame last 16.66 the clip will go
to twice as fast, that is fast camera. It is NOT an assistant in which I
dedicate myself to changing times, this would be internally, the assistant
can simply be a fader, equal to the current assistant to change values to
keyframes. I think this would simplify things a lot and it is really what
we are used to finding in a video editor.

Cinelerra is a very good editor. The problem is that nowadays speed changes
are used a lot, the current line is a very good option in many cases, but I
think it would be easier with an effect that instead of acting on the track
acts on a single clip. A clip that we can define with cuts if we only want
to change the speed to a fragment of it.

Greetings and thank you very much for the excellent work.

El mié., 26 ago. 2020 a las 14:01, Andrea paz via Cin (<
cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>) escribió:

> Thanks for fix. The action of the changes (via slider) on the curve of
> one track is now also transmitted to the curves of the other tracks.
> Igor's first problem is also solved, but I confirm the second problem
> he detected.
> 1- what happens if there are keyframes within the bump interval? It
> seems to me that they become bump keyframes too, so the interval
> designed by us is reduced to several intervals between close autos.
> 2- When you set the right edge keyframe (edge and span), you also
> change the left edge keyframe. And vice versa. In my opinion it would
> be better to make them independent because it could happen that the
> effect of the curve expands also to the next or previous edits (2th
> problem of IgorBeg?). With the independent settings you can narrow the
> range perfectly, with the left autos set on the right and the right
> autos set on the left. As it is now they are both set to left or
> right. I understand that my request goes against the functioning of
> the bump autos, maybe it is better not to take it into account.
> 3- The autos handlers give boredom, confuse the curve if there are
> other keyframes and are unusable to make changes to the autos (which
> can only be done with sliders). Is it possible to delete them or at
> least not see them?
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