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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 19:52:43 CET 2020

Andrea, some feedback and GG plans to look at this today since his brain is
loaded with the plugin right now.

 When you open the plugin, is it automatically set to the edit color
> space? Or does the stored value remain regardless of the color space
> associated with the media? Maybe an Apply button is better?
No, it is like probably all the rest of the plugins in that it just retains
what was last used or the default on initial load.
I will see what GG thinks about the above.

 Some requests:
>  - Is it possible to put in Info --> Details, also the color space
> information (or if it is a Log or Raw) associated with the media? (I
> don't know if it is in the file metadata, or if there is a way to
> detect it by itself).
Will ask GG, but from previous conversations I got the impression that the
program would have to actually read more of the file to get this
information - kind of like mediainfo does - so it would slow things down.
But that would be convenient to have.

 - Is it possible to put the DCI-P3 colour space as well? Nowadays
> many monitors/smartphones support it, so we will have a more complete
> coverage of the most used color spaces.
I think so,depending on whether or not he can find the correct definition
and it fits in.
FYI, he also uncommented the ffmpeg plugin, F_colorspace so that it is
available but it is very hard to use and only works on YUV, not RGB.  The
same with F_colormatrix only with YUV according to the documentation.
Also, he updated expanders.txt to include both colorspaces in the Color
Corrections section; if this is wrong, please let me know.

  @Phyllis: I've slightly revised the Color Space plugin section; see if it
> fits.
Yes, that looks and fits better.  Although, I like Latex I am not very
motivated to learn it very well and I had a really hard time with that
section and first used lstlisting, then description, and finally gave up
and just used tabular even though it did not fit.  I will add in your
changes after I see if GG is going to add DCI-P3 and/or an Apply button.
Also will add a one line for F_colorspace which is just restating the
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