[Cin] Bhodi Linux

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 23:49:36 CET 2020

> Andrea, some feedback and GG plans to look at this today since his brain is loaded with the plugin right now.
Bring my thanks to GG; it's a plugin that interests me a lot (if it
was still there Olaf could give good advice). A very ambitious request
would be to incorporate these algorithms into the Transcode tool as
well, in order to also choose the color space in addition to the
audio/video codecs. In this way you would have a first hint of Color
Management, with all media standardized and well managed.

> FYI, he also uncommented the ffmpeg plugin, F_colorspace so that it is available but it is very hard to use and only works on YUV, not RGB.  The same with F_colormatrix only with YUV according to the documentation.  Also, he updated expanders.txt to include both colorspaces in the Color Corrections section; if this is wrong, please let me know.
Yes, F_colorspace is more complete because it incorporates color
spaces (primaries or gamut); transfer function (gamma correction) and
color model (color matrix); but it is more difficult to use and
limited to YUV.
Inserting the plugin into your expander is a great idea..

 > Although, I like Latex I am not very motivated to learn it very
well and I had a really hard time with that section and first used
lstlisting, then description, and finally gave up and just used
tabular even though it did not fit.
Don't waste time with Latex formatting, you can go back over it at any
time. If you write the new parts first in Writer, use "writer2latex",
then I'll do the corrections.

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