[Cin] Big library upgrades checked in -- hoping someone can build as a check

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 17:34:22 CET 2020

This was a weird month's work for gg.  If someone who ordinarily builds
themselves has a chance to build, that would be awesome.  Then just do some
generic stuff.   Libraries upgraded are:

giflib, libjpeg, twolame, tiff, x264, x265, dav1d, opus, nv-codec-headers,
libwebp, openjpeg,

and for LV2 – jalv, suil, sratom, lilvsord, and serd

Some other stuff that just got checked in:

  - new option when do a Render with mp4 when you click on Video wrench,
there is a new button "format" which provides some more ffmpeg available
options (some are available to use and others not depending on whether
ffmpeg has a hook up Cin can use).

- pulse audio is going to be added to the builds so it should be a choice
in Preferences, PlaybackA , but I have not tested that yet on my laptop
because it does not show up for me.  (We are still testing and will be all
day today).

- other messages and minor tweaks in like h264/h265_nvenc.mp4 quality
changed from medium to high as Andrea suggested.

We will try to get a Mint 19.3 static tar built for testing too.  Thanks,
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