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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 06:18:47 CEST 2020

Thanks for the further explanation.  Now we see the difference, but I have
never thought of Cinelerra as being Layers like Gimp -- they are just
I am trying to work on a compromise.  The change was sort of a result of
working on the gang modes, i.e. adding a new feature.

All the graphics program (GIMP, Inkscape, Photoshop,...) and CAD work
> with the Layers (in NLE Tracks) and to move a Layer (or more) they work
> as before Cin_20200630.


>  change the behaviour and thereby tutorials like Igor's lose their
> validity. There is a lot of work and time to create such video

This is always going to be a problem; just ask Andrea how many times he has
had to change the images in the manual every time something changes or a
new button is added such as a reset button in a plugin or adding in the
Audio height box on the bottom of the timeline as separate from the Video
height. For example, just adding the Gang Mode icon probably changes 100
out of 276 images because it is on the top of the timeline (and "no" we are
not going to change these all).  There is only 1 solution -- stop improving
or changing the Cinelerra program -- we don't want to see that happen so we
have to compromise.

So I am trying my best to come up with a solution that provides capability,
but no one is going to be completely happy about it.  Phyllis
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