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Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Fri Jul 3 11:03:16 CEST 2020

=== Move tracks Up & Move tracks Down ===
I attempt to explain a few of think.
- It doesn't matter if my tutorials are outdate or less (them are very 
ugly for me). The thing is more important of my tutorials.
- The names of the functions"Move tracks Up" and "Move tracks Down" 
were/are right.
Keep in mind that you can move Up or Down a single track with RMB (Right 
Mouse Button) on a track (Armed or Disarmed) and choose the option "Move 
up" or "Move down", and it works right. It performs a kind of swap but 
the user is more comfortable with the name "Move" because other program 
that use Layers call that feature so.
The "Move tracks Up" and "Move tracks Down" work in the same way  but on 
the Armed tracks. So you can use one or more tracks to perform that 
when perform that feature, with Up, the tracks move up, swapping with 
the track above, and when they reach the top, must stop on the top;
when perform that feature, with Down, the tracks move down, swapping 
with the track below, and when they reach the bottom, must stop on the 
- With the new Gang mode the Move tracks Up & Move tracks Down feature 
should behave like the old behaviour do with the Armed tracks. So, if 
you have a Video track with its two Audio tracks below, when you use 
"Move tracks Up" and "Move tracks Down" they act as if they were armed, 
both in Gang_Channel mode and Gang_Media mode.

- Layers (tracks) are important. The order of the tracks is important. 
The Top-Down order is important because is that you will see on the 
screen. The track above has priority over the track below.
- I don't see any use with the new behaviour of "Move tracks Up" and 
"Move tracks Down" because the tracks rotate like on the wheel:
when you use "Move tracks Up", what is on top will go on the bottom;
when you use "Move tracks Down", what is on bottom will go on the top.
This behaviour at my eyes is useless. May be that GG think different, of 
course, but He should explain what this change of function is for.

No new function is needed for me. Just make the old one works again 
because it allows to be used in new Gang modes as well.

Thank you.


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