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Sat Jul 4 06:34:30 CEST 2020

I am still working on getting an explanation and a further compromise but
at least for now there is under the Tracks pulldown, "Swap Tracks Up/Down"
(checked into GIT, but we ran out of time to build a Ubuntu 16)  that I
believe works the same was as the original "Move Tracks Up/Down".

On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 3:03 AM Igor BEGHETTO <igorbeg at visi1.org> wrote:

> === Move tracks Up & Move tracks Down ===
> I attempt to explain a few of think.
> - It doesn't matter if my tutorials are outdate or less (them are very
> ugly for me). The thing is more important of my tutorials.
> - The names of the functions"Move tracks Up" and "Move tracks Down"
> were/are right.
> Keep in mind that you can move Up or Down a single track with RMB (Right
> Mouse Button) on a track (Armed or Disarmed) and choose the option "Move
> up" or "Move down", and it works right. It performs a kind of swap but
> the user is more comfortable with the name "Move" because other program
> that use Layers call that feature so.
> The "Move tracks Up" and "Move tracks Down" work in the same way  but on
> the Armed tracks. So you can use one or more tracks to perform that
> function:
> when perform that feature, with Up, the tracks move up, swapping with
> the track above, and when they reach the top, must stop on the top;
> when perform that feature, with Down, the tracks move down, swapping
> with the track below, and when they reach the bottom, must stop on the
> bottom.
> - With the new Gang mode the Move tracks Up & Move tracks Down feature
> should behave like the old behaviour do with the Armed tracks. So, if
> you have a Video track with its two Audio tracks below, when you use
> "Move tracks Up" and "Move tracks Down" they act as if they were armed,
> both in Gang_Channel mode and Gang_Media mode.
> - Layers (tracks) are important. The order of the tracks is important.
> The Top-Down order is important because is that you will see on the
> screen. The track above has priority over the track below.
> - I don't see any use with the new behaviour of "Move tracks Up" and
> "Move tracks Down" because the tracks rotate like on the wheel:
> when you use "Move tracks Up", what is on top will go on the bottom;
> when you use "Move tracks Down", what is on bottom will go on the top.
> This behaviour at my eyes is useless. May be that GG think different, of
> course, but He should explain what this change of function is for.
> No new function is needed for me. Just make the old one works again
> because it allows to be used in new Gang modes as well.
> Thank you.
> IgorBeg
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