[Cin] Use MAXCHANNELS define in mwindow.C

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 19:22:43 CET 2020

В сообщении от Saturday 21 November 2020 21:25:23 Phyllis Smith via Cin написал(а):
> Andrew/Igor/Andrea:
> Good suggestions and discussion with multiple input is exactly what we
> need.  I agree that it should stay the way it is for now, but I have never
> heard of 3d sound -  ( ;
> >
> > But to be honest right now I'm unsure and much more concerned  about who
> > will land any of those mods .... this particular change can be dropped, but
> > who will apply others ....
> >
> For now, which could change at any minute, I would like to continue to test
> mods as a check on my laptop as I had been doing and attempt to check them
> into GIT.  I will let you know how this goes.   ...Phyllis

I really, really hope nothing newly bad is on horizon for you, Phyllis ... 

THANKS a lot for staying with us.


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