[Cin] Looking into minimal alternative Shortcuts

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Sep 8 09:26:44 CEST 2020

I think that a software must to do user's life more easy, if possible, 
because user will use the software. Then the question is (for all 
software): can Developers make the user's life more easy? If yes it is 

Many softwares use "Ctrl+S" to save and they are not only for Office, I 
think: Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, AutoCad, Blender, Solidworks, Audacity, 
Kdenlive, Shotcut, Adobe Premiere, and so on. It is a standard as meter 
is the base unit of length in the international System of Units (SI). ;-)

May be that a specific software don't use "Ctrl+S" to save but, what is 
the reason? (I would ask to the CCPNMR Developer)

Shorcuts are used to optimize your work and, if possible, shortcuts (and 
the position of the key on the keyboard) should be intuitive. For all 
NLEs there is a standard: J-K-L.
For example some of my shortcuts are:
J - K - L (Play Normal reverse - Stop - Play Normal forward) if pressed 
twice J (or L), its Play Fast or Normal.
I - O (InPoint - OutPoint)
A - S (Jump backwards next cut - Jump forwards next cut)

To summarize the jumps backwards and forward:
-Jump backwards to the next cut   | Alt+LeftArrow,  'A'
-Jump forwards to the next cut    | Alt+RightArrow, 'S'
-Jump backwards to the next label | Ctrl+LeftArrow
-Jump forwards to the next label  | Ctrl+RightArrow
-Jump backwards... next Keyframes | Shift+LeftArrow
-Jump forward... next Keyframes   | Shift+RightArrow
-Jump backwards to the next Autos | Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LeftArrow
-Jump forward to the next Autos   | Ctrl+Shift+Alt+RightArrow
"Shift+K" and "Ctrl+Shift+K" no longer used.

Unfortunately, I don't think that my shortcuts can be implemented in 
Cinelerra-GG because it means to map completely the assignement of the 
shortcuts. And I understand that many users (old users?) don't want to 
change their assignement. I understand them (I no longer have the old 
"Move tracks Up/Dn" and theyr shortcuts ).

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