[Cin] frei0r plugins

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 19:07:15 CEST 2020

I tried to recompile CinGG's version of ffmpeg with those plugins enabled:

FFMPEG_EXTRA_CFG="--enable-frei0r" (I have frei0r plugins 1.7.0 installed) and after tweaking  /usr/share/cin/ffmpeg/plugin.opts (added frei0r filter_name=vignette at very end of it) I can see this plugin and even use some effects. But not sure where  to find exact documentation for all those parameters?


Apply the colordistance effect, taking a color as the first parameter: 

 Apply the perspective effect, specifying the top left and top right image positions: 

I tried those two and few others (list at the end), they worked, but their configuration a bit unintuitive ....

List of working effects:
colordistance - works
edgeglow - works
glow - works
bw0r.- works
posterize - work
vignette. - work
sobel - work
perspective -- work
emboss - works
sharpness. - works
colorize. - works
contrast0r.  - works
squareblur.  - works
brightness. - works
threshold0r. - works (try 0.6 as parameter)
equaliz0r - works
glitch0r. - works (try 1 as param)
gamma. - works
pr0file. - works
invert0r - works
cartoon.  - works
pr0be.  - works
saturat0r - works (try 3)
dither. - works (try 0.8)
primaries - works
colortap - works (not sure how to use it)
luminance. - works?
hqdn3d - works ?
twolay0r. - seems to work ?
rgbnoise - works
sopsat - works (try 0.1)
ndvi - works
nervous - works (motion effect)
colortap - works
c0rners.  - works 
vertigo. - works
softglow - works
spillsupress.  - works (not sure what it does)
normaliz0r - works
tint0r - seems to work (not sure how it was supposed to look)
nosync0r/distort0r - not sure how to use them?
hue - works ?

Site seems to be 

https://www.dyne.org/software/frei0r/ , it even says
  Frei0r is the result of a collective effort in coordination with several software developers meeting at Piksel between 2003 and 2005 to find a common standard for video effect plugins to be used among their applications: Andraz Tori (Cinelerra/CVS), [..]

so, huh :}

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