[Cin] Histogram Plugin add on feature

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun Sep 27 12:02:14 CEST 2020

Thanks Phyllis for your tests and GG for looking for.
I don't think you are misunderstanding.
I saw your video. I think it depends a bit from the video you are using 
for the test: your clip is an animation. I can wrong. In your screencast 
the histogram, in the Histogram Bezier, changes very, very, little.
Please, take a look at my screencast: https://streamable.com/3svwkd
As you can see, the histogram, in the Histogram Bezier, doesn't change 
as in the Histogram.

More, you can see that when I enable the Histogram Bezier plugin a 
little change occurs in the histogram of the View Scope. Mmh, very 
strange. It is like if Histogram Bezier changes the Color Model of the 
project, but I am guessing.

I am not saying it is "wrong", I think that it is really weird that 
tools that perform the same function (draw an histogram) don't show the 
same output, I would think.


Il 27/09/2020 03:05, Phyllis Smith via Cin ha scritto:
> IgorBeg,
> GG thoroughly reviewed the Histogram code to understand how it works 
> so he could find any bugs.  He says it is all working correctly as far 
> as he can tell.
> But about the following:
>     When the Color Model format (in Settings->Format...) is set to RGB[A]
>     the histogram displayed on Histogram plugins is the same as on
>     Histogram
>     Bezier plugin.
>     If you change Color Model format from RGB[A] to YUV[A] the
>     histogram on
>     Histogram Bezier no changes, but on Histogram plugin and on View
>     Scopes
>     it changes. It is strange, I think.
>     In Histogram Bezier plugin the histogram doesn't change in the
>     differents color model.
> we see in https://streamable.com/vr5srs   that Histogram Bezier DOES 
> CHANGE between the formats of RGBA and YUVA (note that I have set the 
> slider all the way to Log in order to compare the same thing).  You 
> have to watch the Histogram Bezier graph specifically, but you 
> definitely see it change.  If I am misunderstanding the concern, 
> please let me know.

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