[Cin] arm/disarm track confusion

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 21:54:12 CEST 2021

I'll try to summarize the situation for the little I remember (correct
me if I'm wrong): those who work with audio always have to deal with a
very large number of tracks that make it difficult to display on the
timeline. Glen requested (BT#433) a feature to tie the tracks
(channels) into a single line (track). Ardour does it using only one
line (track) for the "n" channels; instead in Cinelerra each channel
is an independent track. GG came up with the usual ingenious (original
and complicated!) idea of Master/Slave tracks and Gang modes. I had
hoped that it would become a way to link video tracks with their audio
tracks, so that sync would not be lost during editing, but it was not
possible! If we are talking about Gang modes then we are talking about
audio tracks and in this case the behavior is different from the
Cinelerra standard: the slaves (hidden) tracks undergo the same
editing as the master track regardless of whether they are armed or
disarmed (BT#577).
I, who don't do audio mixing/editing, find it antintuitive, because
I'm used to Cinelerra's std behavior, but it's actually the normal
behavior of DAWs that group the various channels in a line and it
doesn't make sense to think of them as some armed and some not.
Perhaps this should be explained better in the manual. Moreover, if we
want to implement the standard behavior of Cinerella, so that an
unarmed track is never modified whether it is visible or not, we must
be sure that it is a separate function from the current Gang modes,
creating a new type of gang and explaining very well its function,
because the risk of confusion is great and the subject is already
Patches 1 and 2 are great because they simply add the ability to use
In/Out points with "Attach effects". Patches 3, 0004 and 0005 (I
haven't tried this one yet) should be part of a new Gang mode (Gang
arm? Gang Cin? Gang Std?).

PS: I tried to put the 0005 patch without recompiling, but I don't see
any difference. Do I need to recompile?

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