[Cin] arm/disarm track confusion

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 13:36:46 CEST 2021

I think you overreacted a bit. My patch does not break those modes, nor it
add any mode visible in gui.

sorry for some reason I can't reply accurately in the middle of message..
But I think quest about moving around pieces of audio AND pieces of video
as group, and preventing them from unintentional de-synchronization still
not very trivial in common case?

video you linked used 'protected' (disarmed) audio track. But in new gang
modes this will not work, because their armed status ignored?

On Monday, August 9, 2021, Igor BEGHETTO via Cin <cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org>

> Ohoo my God!
> AndrePaz wrote:
> Moreover, if we
> want to implement the standard behavior of Cinerella, so that an
> unarmed track is never modified whether it is visible or not, we must
> be sure that it is a separate function from the current Gang modes,
> creating a new type of gang and explaining very well its function,
> because the risk of confusion is great and the subject is already
> complicated.
> AndreaPaz, it sound strange to me you are speaking so.
> If an User want the Cinelerra-GG standard behaviour for the Armed/Disarmed
> track She/He can use GANG None!
> No separateor new function is needed because it is already there: GANG
> None. And in the Manual_20210731 section 5.2.1 (Displaying tracks: Ganged
> mode) is written very well:
> *1. Gang None: this is the default mode and is the traditional way
> Cinelerra operates. If you never toggle the "Gang Tracks" button,
> everything operates normally as it always has.*
> For default a new user will find Cinelerra-GG in "Gang None" mode. If an
> User press the GANG button (and other buttons) without reading the Manual
> and without know what She/He am doing, I am sorry, Cinelerra-GG is not for
> you.
> I use all the GANG modes for save space and other, without any problem.
> May be my workflow is different from yours.

 what if someone need both arm/disarm functionality AND gang modes other
than none, at the same time?

> AndreaPaz wrote:
> Patches 3, 0004 and 0005 (I
> haven't tried this one yet) should be part of a new Gang mode (Gang
> arm? Gang Cin? Gang Std?).
> Andrew_R wrote:
> yes, and then try to play with new preference in  .bcast5/Cinelerra_rc:
> .... there is no propagation to preferences currently, but if you or
> someone else thinks such 'mode 4' can be useful I'll monkey around in code
> some more...
> I hope NO. Here, both Andrew_R and AndreaPaz, you are messing things up (I
> hope the English traduction is right).
> Pleeease, don't touch things that works very well. Thank you!
> Andrew_R wrote:
> may be it can be done.. you mean just gang (link) mode between all edits
> on video + all edits on few selectable audio tracks? so you can move them
> as group AND  this group become immune to media/clip insert and immune to
> its  components sliding around in this mode? or something else?
> It is already there! You can move more tracks together Arming that tracks!
> You can see it at http://www.visi1.org/cinelerra-gg_tutorials#
> ReArrangeTracksOrder
> If you want to group the edits in different track it is written very well
> in the Manula_20210731, section 5.5.4  (Grouping edits) and so on. You can
> see that at http://www.visi1.org/cinelerra-gg_tutorials#DragAndDropEditing
> (old video tutorial ).


> I think that many of you read the Manual but many don't. An User who want
> to use Cinelerra-GG or Cinelerra MUST READ the manua! The community will
> help in the forum or other places. There is no point in changing the code
> when it works fine! Or add a no sense function!
> Sorry for that long sentences. I think so. I think I'll get out of this
> discussion.
> Thanks!
> IgorBeg

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