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> Feedback; and now I am moving on to other issues:
> *Georgy/Andrea *- you are right the ligature only shows up if I
> copy/paste from the pdf file which I should not have done.
> *Andrew* - changed in the Auxiliary program section to imagelist instead
> of jpeglist and noted that user can edit the file to change the frame rate
> or other values if needed. Tested Load and Save section description and
> made some changes for clarification there.  It all seems to work as now
> described.
> *Problem* - somewhat confused when Andrea said he loaded images where
> some were 1280x720 and others 720x1280 and I even loaded different but
> similar image width/height images with no crash (65x65, 69x68, 70x58,
> 58x70, 63x63, 83x64).  So there must be something else going on that is
> specifically causing the crash but the Freelancer is now going to look into
> that.
> Checked into the Manual GIT, minor fixes in these 2 sections.


/me still builds obsoleted patched software and hunting for small enough
m2ts streams with IGS substream/pid (for testing demuxer/muxer written 9
years ago for avconv/libav)

>> ====
>> does it behave according to documentation?
>>> Note: I used images of resolution 1280*720 and others 720*1280
>>> (vertical!). The script took only the size of the first image and then
>>> set it to all the others.
>> well, this is good to know. So no crash even if image dimensions are
>> different initially?
>> @Georgy
>>> I think Phyllis' problem didn't show up in my tests: if I understand
>>> correctly, she used copy/paste from html.
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