[Cin] Debate on batch render

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Tue Jan 5 12:09:04 CET 2021

The batch render window is true that it is not very intuitive, but once we
know that each new line that we want to add, we must first use the "New"
button, with this data it is already perfect, except for two options that I
will comment below. Two options that in my point of view do not make any
sense in this assistant.

One of these options in the "Save to EDL Path" option is the first time I
have seen this option to save the open project in a batch render window,
but it can ruin our work.

Let me explain, a batch render is normally prepared with the application
without any project loaded. Imagine that you have just loaded in "EDL Path"
the path of a project file that has taken you months of work, and of which
you do not have a backup copy. And by mistake you click on this button ...
you have just lost all your work and there is no going back. I find this
button a bad joke, so dangerous, meaningless and with disastrous
consequences. I would ask that it be removed, because it is not useful or
logical and can also frustrate many hours of work.

Another option that doesn't make sense in the "warn if jobs/session
mismatched" option.
Let me explain, normally when we program a batch render we do it to export
different projects, so that these are carried out automatically at times
when we do not need to use the computer. This option sometimes seems to be
disabled, but it is not, despite the apparently inactive button, it is
active and when we try to start the batch rendering we get the error "# job
EDLs do not match session edl".
It is true that a batch render can be done from a single project to export
it in different formats, but even so, I don't see any sense, because when
we program this batch render we do it from an .xml project file, already
saved, without the need for it to be loaded into the project.

I honestly think this window would be much better without these options.

I don't know how to program, but I think these changes are very easy to

I open this debate in order to improve the experience with Cinelerra, an
editor that I really like, but that is sometimes a little overshadowed by
these details.
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