[Cin] Debate on batch render

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 20:42:55 CET 2021

В сообщении от Tuesday 05 January 2021 14:09:04 Rafa Mar Multimedia en Gnu\Linux via Cin написал(а):
> The batch render window is true that it is not very intuitive, but once we
> know that each new line that we want to add, we must first use the "New"
> button, with this data it is already perfect, except for two options that I
> will comment below. Two options that in my point of view do not make any
> sense in this assistant.
> One of these options in the "Save to EDL Path" option is the first time I
> have seen this option to save the open project in a batch render window,
> but it can ruin our work.
> Let me explain, a batch render is normally prepared with the application
> without any project loaded. Imagine that you have just loaded in "EDL Path"
> the path of a project file that has taken you months of work, and of which
> you do not have a backup copy. And by mistake you click on this button ...
> you have just lost all your work and there is no going back. I find this
> button a bad joke, so dangerous, meaningless and with disastrous
> consequences. I would ask that it be removed, because it is not useful or
> logical and can also frustrate many hours of work.

Right now I can only suggest you to look at


1239 BatchRenderUpdateEDL::BatchRenderUpdateEDL(BatchRenderThread *thread,
1240         int x,
1241         int y)
1242  : BC_GenericButton(x, y, _("Save to EDL Path"))
1243 {
1244         this->thread = thread;
1245 }
1247 int BatchRenderUpdateEDL::handle_event()
1248 {
1249         thread->update_selected_edl();
1250         return 1;
1251 }

basically try to comment out action:

// thread->update_selected_edl();

put two "/" before this line, and recompile.

> Another option that doesn't make sense in the "warn if jobs/session
> mismatched" option.
> Let me explain, normally when we program a batch render we do it to export
> different projects, so that these are carried out automatically at times
> when we do not need to use the computer. This option sometimes seems to be
> disabled, but it is not, despite the apparently inactive button, it is
> active and when we try to start the batch rendering we get the error "# job
> EDLs do not match session edl".
> It is true that a batch render can be done from a single project to export
> it in different formats, but even so, I don't see any sense, because when
> we program this batch render we do it from an .xml project file, already
> saved, without the need for it to be loaded into the project.

May be it has something to do with internal use of batch render, for DVD/BD creation ?

Code for this checkbox apparently located here:

1369 BatchRenderWarning::BatchRenderWarning(BatchRenderThread *thread, int x, int y)
1370  : BC_CheckBox(x, y, thread->warn, _("warn if jobs/session mismatched"))
1371 {
1372         this->thread = thread;
1373 }
1375 int BatchRenderWarning::handle_event()
1376 {
1377         thread->warn = get_value();
1378         return 1;
1379 }

again, you can try to comment out action and see if it improves your workflow .....

> I honestly think this window would be much better without these options.
> I don't know how to program, but I think these changes are very easy to
> make.
> I open this debate in order to improve the experience with Cinelerra, an
> editor that I really like, but that is sometimes a little overshadowed by
> these details.

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