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Fri Jun 18 17:53:10 CEST 2021


000576 - lost a/v sync.. yeah I was thinking about reinstancing timecode
> fields in asset info window.. but isn't this issue ought to be solvable (at
> track level at least) by 'nudges'?
> 000577 - gang media/gang channel not working - sorry never used this mode,
> need to re-read docs on how it supposed to work)
The above 2 are related because the lost a/v sync was due to gang bug of
577 once he reported how it got out of sync.  He has solved the out of sync
problem manually.  Maybe Andrea can add some suggestions in the manual from
the forum and other notes of how to get back in sync with nudges, etc.

> 000572 - spacing in title plugin - yeah i'll look into code... but I am
> afraid it might be a bit more complicated than just new numeric input
> field? (letters have their bounding box, i think, so for adding horizontal
> spacing you need to know this boundary, I think... and may be some
> typographical nuances...)
This sounds way too hard and I think it was sort of just "wish he could do
this because the other NLE had it".

> 000561 limit amount of memory Cingg uses - isn't this task better to be
> done by 'ulimit' external command? Ah, no, it only limits amount virtual
> memory at best (-v) So, cgroups? (i'll look into this)

> 000499 provide links to source.. I saw notification from this bug in
> inbox, but I do not have my bugtracker's password here in mobile browser,
> so I can't reply there...
OK, just reply here so I know if I have to do anything.
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