[Cin] Cannot render above 60FPS

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sun Jun 20 14:16:18 CEST 2021

Thanks Andrew_R for the links and documentation.
Thanks Pierre for your exaustive explain about from a Professional Video 
Editor's  point of view.

I don't want to impose any of my choices on others, and I certainly 
can't stop a developer (or more developers) from changing the code. And, 
again,I don't know anything about Linux,... I am only an User. I ask 
myself questions and try to bring my doubts here.
- Can any coded support any frame rate (without any problems)? If not, 
can the developer avoid entering "non-standard" frame rates in the 
drop-down menu?
- Can the developer(s) help the user not to make "non-standard" choices 
in order not to have playback problems on some media device?
Then, if an user manually changes the frame rate it means that he knows 
what he may expect or not.

These considerations of mine are always valid for any possible change 
and do not want to irritate the sensitivity of anyone.

Phyllis, you can do what is best for the community not for a single User 
like me. Thank you!

Il 19/06/2021 21:41, Phyllis Smith via Cin ha scritto:
> Interesting discussion so far -- it has been awhile since any 
> controversy has arisen!
> IgorBeg -- I understand your point and the desire to keep things more 
> standard.
> Pierre -- thanks for your professional input, as always.
> Andrew -- thanks for all of the references as I was really dubious 
> about 72 as it is just a weird number.
> Gorge -- my goal is to make Cinelerra usable for anyone and remove 
> limitations if it can be easily done which Andrew did nicely.
> There are already enough things that Cinelerra can not do and never 
> will be able to.
> Since most users will not scroll down in the Format "frame rate"  
> options, they won't even know the higher rates are there so hopefully 
> Igor can live with this.   ...Phyllis

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